Fidesse Capital’s investment philosophy stems from our fundamental belief that genuine active fund management can deliver meaningful out-performance over the medium to long term

Our client’s best interests are at the heart of everything we do. Serving them is our mission and our promise. We achieve this through a culture of collaboration to identify opportunities and design investment strategies across all major asset classes.By carefully balancing risks and rewards, we strive to give our clients the highest possible risk-adjusted returns.

Financial markets are evolving ever faster through interacting forces such as globalisation, changes in geopolitics, competition, evolving regulation and demographic shifts. However, the development of new technology is arguably driving the fastest changes. As the technology evolves, we want to be at the fore-front of this development to create strategies that make us truly market-direction agnostic!

Investment success depends upon having a breadth of perspectives, differentiated insights and thoughtful processes

Fidesse Capital adds value by understanding the dynamics driving rapidly changing industries by establishing specialized industry platforms that offer sector-concentrated expertise in research & trading. We have the capacity to react quickly to meet the demands of a rapidly changing marketplace.

Investment Objectives
  • Diversifying
  • Return Seeking
  • Risk Mitigating
  • Strategic Asset Allocation
  • Create Value


We are an investment management firm with a foundation of rigorous discipline, yet nimble and adaptive in assessing and acting on new opportunities and challenges

The foundation of our investment approach is strategic asset allocation—the practice of identifying and assembling the appropriate mix of asset classes to maximize returns at a given level of risk. Our recommendations are based on a longer-term, strategic view that we consistently assess and dynamically adjust based on market insights and expectations. We complement this longer-term framework by anticipating and acting on shorter-term market swings or disconnects between and within asset classes. The ability to navigate sporadic opportunities and risks in this way, while maintaining a long-term, disciplined course, is critical to investment success today.

Unlike many firms, we actively manage our own investments rather than buy products. We are firmly committed to what we offer and remain accountable for our decisions in a way few other firms do. This deep asset management focus results in thorough, first-hand investment knowledge and experience.

At Fidesse Capital, our clients are at the center of everything we do. We understand that our success means making sure that our products and services meet the unique needs of each of our clients. We work hard to understand what our clients need and then create customized solutions, from simple to the complex. We approach our role as a partner to our clients on their journey, providing expertise and advice along the way.

Client Centered Approach
  • Investment Objective
  • Risk Tolerance
  • Investment Horizon
  • Tailored Investment Plan


Our roots as a firm are in research – it is at the core of our corporate culture. We understand the important role that quality research plays and seek to differentiate ourselves through originality of perspective, depth of insight and our ability to uncover market trends

Our research centres around a simple framework that independently measures two distinct characteristics of quality: intellectual property and commerciality.

Intellectual property measures the proprietary nature of our research — creative, collaborative, inspired and original analyses receive top scores.

Commerciality measures our conviction in our investment recommendations — we focus on compelling, actionable and impactful ideas that can make a difference and provide sustainable returns.

Fidesse Capital is continually assessing its research coverage to provide investors the most up to date investment ideas. We believe our philosophy and research process is robust and enduring, yet flexible. In periods of unprecedented macro volatility, the back-tested strategies have prospered providing sustainable gains.

Research Areas
  • Global Macro
  • Technical Analysis
  • Financial Engineering
  • Historical Analysis


Our aim is to understand our clients’ objectives and provide solutions that are adapted to their needs

To be truly successful, your portfolio should be created around your very specific circumstances and objectives—there should be a purpose, role and reason for everything in it. To achieve this, we start by getting a complete understanding of your needs and goals.

Once we have a thorough understanding, the next step is customizing your strategy. As we create your plan, we consider your needs from two simple perspectives—your risk appetite and  your expected returns. This approach is called objective-driven investing. It helps us recommend strategies that are best suited to your specific goals and that help to give you confidence that your investments are performing and growing as you would expect, when you would expect.

Throughout our relationship, we continue to work to understand your changing circumstances and objectives, as well as evolving market dynamics and opportunities. In this way, we can ensure that our ideas and actions on your behalf are always aligned with your goals and interests and supported by our best and most current thinking.

Fidesse Capital’s market-wide strategies are designed to emphasize strategies with higher expected returns and minimize unnecessary turnover, which helps reduce overall expenses. Highly diversified and efficient, these comprehensive solutions can serve as portfolio cores, simplifying investors’ allocation decisions.

Investment Strategies
  • Statistical Arbitrage
  • Long/Short
  • Event Driven
  • Algo Trading – Derivatives

Investment Solutions Built With You In Mind

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