Our Story

Fidesse Capital – named after the Roman goddess of trust and good faith – is an innovative investment management firm specializing in alternative approaches to global investing. We endeavor to earn our clients’ trust by understanding and meeting their investment objectives to deliver an exceptional experience. Our priority is the investment success of our clients. We aim to deliver the investment outcomes they expect through an approach designed to identify opportunities and manage risks.

Employing a highly disciplined, risk-controlled approach designed to deliver consistent, long-term results, the firm adds value by combining a rigorous analysis of macroeconomic fundamentals with a thorough understanding of the dynamics that drive shifts in global markets. The firm aims to provide investment management services to institutional investors and retail clients.

Fidesse Capital offers solutions aimed at diversifying returns, return enhancement and risk mitigation in several broad areas to help meet client needs. We believe our edge derives from a focus on macro phenomena, the drivers of return and the careful examination of risk – in a way that very few do.

Aiming to be the best, not the biggest

We want to be the best investment house, not the biggest. Growing too large can be an impediment to successful long-term investment. When funds become too big their performance can suffer from a lack of nimbleness that prevents investment in the best opportunities within the stock market. By limiting how much money our firm manages, we can maintain our emphasis on market-leading, long-term investment performance.

Why are we different?

Predictions based on fundamental analysis or traditional investing methods ignore a core confluence of factors – Market behavior, trends and technological changes.

We spend roughly zero time on analyzing balance sheets or quarterly statements. Instead, we rely on data mining and building mathematical models that challenge the status quo. We run our models past huge troves of data to ensure that it works in all market conditions. Be it the Great recession, Euro-zone crisis or systemic events. Indeed, we are proud of the strong historical performance of our back-tested strategies.

Our Values

  • Trust
  • Integrity
  • Consistency
  • Stability
  • Accountability

Services Offered

  • Proprietary Fund Trading
  • Hedge Fund Trading
  • Investment Advisory
  • Fund Management
  • Market Research

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