A Data Science driven company that believes in active investment management with a focus on strength & stability

Aiming for a better return in an uncertain world

Fidesse Capital is an innovative hedge fund start-up that specializes in systematic trading, using quantitative models derived from mathematical and statistical analyses.

We innovate improved and expanded form of mathematical models that explore correlations to generate risk-neutral, market beating returns. We combine rigorous statistical analysis of historical market data to create unique derivative trading strategies.

We have no single style of investment and no ‘house view’. Instead, we prefer to give ourselves the freedom to pursue our own approach. Our research seeks to answer big questions and find themes that transcend markets.

Risk is both a challenge and an opportunity

A strong belief in markets, frees us to think differently about investing. Advancements in research and technology inform our investment strategies and keep us responsive to evolving markets and client needs. We are active managers of capital, working to outperform the market and deliver results for our clients. By applying experience and expertise in the single-sector, multi-asset and fixed income domains, we strive to achieve the best results for our clients.

Disciplined approach, competitive advantage

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Fidesse Capital is an innovative investment management firm specializing in alternative approaches to global investing. Our priority is the investment success of our clients.

Investment Philosophy

Fidesse Capital’s investment philosophy stems from our fundamental belief that genuine active fund management can deliver meaningful out-performance over the medium to long term.

Investment Approach

We are an investment management firm with a foundation of rigorous discipline, yet nimble and adaptive in assessing and acting on new opportunities and challenges across markets.


Our roots as a firm are in research – it is at the core of our corporate culture. We understand the important role that quality research plays.

Investment Strategy

Fidesse Capital’s market-wide strategies are designed to emphasize key components with higher expected returns and minimize unnecessary turnover.

Historical Returns

Fidesse Capital follows a disciplined investment process in order to ensure a predictable performance and generate sustainable results.

Years of back-tested data
Global Markets

We strive to stand out through our investment performance

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